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DETENTION & CONTAINMENT. SECURITY GLAZING. MAKERS OF SPECIALTY. LAMINATED SAFETY GLASS. WELCOME TO. ADVANCED IMPACT TECHNOLOGIES. The AIT Group is a world leader in manufacturing and supporting architectural, security, ballistic, blast, impact, and decorative glass laminates, among other innovative materials. We specialize in producing advanced AIT Industry Solutions - AIT - ADVANCED IMPACT The AIT Group has products in many industries around the globe. Our architectural and security glazing can be found and used in a variety of applications. View our product solutions for each industry here.

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Transparent Security Glazing Laminates. Smartgard security laminates are multi-ply composites designed for attack resistance, containment, ballistic resistance, protection against blasts while functioning as transparent glazing. These composites can also provide signal deterrents against infrared (IR) or radio-wave frequencies (RF), utilizing special films inside the composite. AIT:Manufacturers of Detention and Containment Glazing The AIT Group manufactures detention and containment glazing products. Our high quality Smartgard glazing laminates in glass, polycarbonate, or glass-clad-polycarbonate are the design choice of professionals in the detention and containment equipment in Bullet Resistant Glazing GlobalGlobal Security Glazing provides Armor-Gard bullet resistant products for protection against a wide range of ballistic threat levels. All Glass products combine multiple layers of glass and polyvinyl butyral (pvb) with no spall protection and UL Listings for various levels of protection. Secur-Tem + Poly® products combine the durability and abrasion resistance of glass on the attack side and the impact


security glazing standards and complies with standard safety glazing codes for all interior and exterior applica !ions. DETENTION & CONTAINMENT PRODUCTS Global Security Glazing o "fers a wide range of products to provide protec !ion from forced entry and ballis !ic threats for correc !ional facili!ies, courthouses, and government security buildings. Conceptualizing detention:Mobility, containment Oct 15, 2012 · Detention is a pressing empirical, conceptual, and political issue. Detained populations, detention facilities, and industries have expanded globally. Detention is also a fundamentally geographical topic, yet largely overlooked by geographers. We argue that detention be conceptualized as a series of geographical processes. Glazing options in correctional and detention facilities Jul 24, 2014 · About the Author:Bill OKeeffe is the President and CEO of SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions, a leading USA-manufacturer of advanced fire rated glass and framing systems. An industry veteran and innovator with over 45 years of experience in architectural glazing, he was first to introduce and manufacture clear, fire resistive glazing products in the US.

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Global Security Glazing. Lexgard Laminates . Security Glazing , Bullet Resistant, Detention, Forced Entry & Containment Laminates, Laminated Polycarbonate. All of our products are certified and fully tested to meet specific standards and threat levels for ballistic, attack, and blast resistance. Global Security Glazing, Security Glass, Bullet Proof GlassWith over 60 years experience in quality manufacturing and security glass, Global Security Glazing has emerged as the single source for all of your security and architectural glazing requirements. Offering a complete line of security products, including all-glass laminates, glass-clad polycarbonates and laminated polycarbonates, Global Security Division CGH Consolidated Glass HoldingsGlobal Security Glazing. 616 Selfield Road Selma, Alabama 36703. Detention/ Interior Glazing Inquires 800.633.2513 Bullet Resist/Exterior Glazing Inquiries 866.412.6977 Plastics Distributor Inquiries 800.640.6541 [email protected]

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Detention/ Interior Glazing Inquires 800-633-2513 Bullet Resist/Exterior Glazing Inquiries 866-412-6977 Plastics Distributor Inquiries 800-640-6541 [email protected] 616