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3) Inspection Engineer at his discretion may test paint formulations, if required. 4) Minimum suggested stages of inspection shall be:a. Surface Preparation b. Primer application c. Each coat of paint 5) All defects noticed during stages of inspection, shall be rectified free of cost by the contractor. All records shall be kept by the contractor. Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile GaugeThe Elcometer 224 surface profile meter is available in two different models:Model B and Model T. Each surface profile gauge provides the user with increasing functionality - from the entry level Elcometer 224 Model B, to the top of the range Elcometer 224 Model T, with memory, alpha-numeric batching and Bluetooth ® communication. Standard and armoured probes are available for the separate

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The Elcometer 280 is a stick type holiday detector which has been designed to make pulsed DC high voltage holiday detection safer, easier and more reliable than ever before. Using state of the art electronics, the Elcometer 280 allows users to inspect coatings - without connecting the earth return lead to the component substrate - ideal for inspecting large surfaces and pipelines. FRP Inspection Guide - ReichholdReichhold, Inc P. O. Box 13582 Research Triangle Park, NC27709-3582 Tel :(800)448-3482 IRIS Internal Rotary Inspection System - LMATSInternal rotary inspection system (IRIS) Tubing Inspection ultrasonic test method is employed for testing of pipes and tubes in boilers, heat exchangers and fin-fan tubes. The IRIS probe is inserted into a tube flooded with water, and the probe is pulled out slowly as the data is displayed and recorded.

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A pinhole detector is a nondestructive instrument for detecting discontinuities in a coating system including pinholes, cracks and thin spots. Other names include porosity detector, continuity tester, sponge tester and holiday detector. There are two types of pinhole detectors, low voltage (wet sponge) and high voltage (spark tester). Methods For The Measurement of Surface Profile in the FieldThe separate probe options have also been extended to include a probe for convex surfaces such as the external surfaces of pipes. Figure 6 shows the convex surface probe in operation on a small-diameter blast-cleaned pipe. Data management is important for reporting on inspection projects for process control and for client assurance. One Stop Tools and Instruments -Tools And InstrumentsOne Stop Tools and Instruments :- Measuring Tools Cutting Tools Measuring and Test Instruments Hand Tools Machine Accessories High quality accuracy Industrial use tools and instruments for sale.

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Pipe Locators, 30M/100Ft Pipe Blockage Detector, Handheld Waterproof Sensitivity Adjustable Wall Scanner, Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner for PVC Metal Water Pipes (30M) $129.99 $ 129 . 99 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon Surface Profile - A Comparison of Measurement Methods

  • IntroductionMeasurement MethodsReplica TapeStylus Roughness InstrumentsSurface Profile Depth MicrometersSummary of TestDFT InstrumentsGeneral Observations Surface Profile MeasurementObservations Depth Micrometer MeasurementConclusions and DeductionsSteel surfaces are frequently cleaned by abrasive impact prior to the application of protective coatings. This process removes previous coatings and roughens the surface to improve coating adhesion. The resultant surface profile, or anchor pattern, is comprised of a complex pattern of peaks and valleys which must be accurately assessed to ensure compliance with job or contract specifications. Protective coating professionals have several testing methods available to them for determining the amount of surface prIOP Conference Series:Earth and Environmental Science Field inspection methods included standard penetration test (SPT), cone penetration test (CPT), and zone load test (ZLT). The test results showed that the comprehensive inspection could be effectively inspected by CPT and SPT, the deformation modulus were back-calculated by ZLT and therefore the long-term settlement could be accurately predicted. The Horizontal Directional Drilling Processdrilling rig thus enlarging the pilot hole. Drill pipe is added behind the reamers as they progress toward the drill rig. This insures that a string of pipe is always maintained in the drilled hole. It is also possible to ream away from the drill rig. In this case, reamers fitted into the

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    • Tester Digital Tester Digital Unvulcanized Rubber ISO6502 Moving Die Rheometer Tester MachineTester Rub Tester High Quality ISO105 AATCC8 AATCC165 BS1006 D02 Fabric Rubbing Color FaTester Universal Testing Machine 100kn 100kN 300kN 500kN 600kN 1000kN 2000kN Load Cell SerTester Tester Price Nade Lab Tablet Disintegration Tester BJ-3 3 Basket Assembly Tablet DisintegrHoliday Detector - World Leaders in Inspection Equipment High voltage holiday test is normally used to determine the existences of discontinuities in coating films. The high voltage, or porosity technique, can be used to test coatings up to 25mm (1") thick and is ideal for inspecting pipelines and other protective coatings. Coatings on