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The "wide" block 318 cubic inch (1958 to 1966) is known as the "A" engine. The small block V8s 273, 318, 340 and the 360 cubic inch are known as the "LA" engines. The 361, 383 and the 400 cubic inch engines are known as "B" engines. 1966 Fender Tag Decode - earlycudaRed Vinyl Codes:P4H, L4H, H4H, H5H, L4R, H4R, P4R, M4R. Red Cloth & Vinyl Codes:L1R, M1R, H1R, H2R, H1H. Red Cloth Codes:H8R. White Codes:P4W Tan & White Vinyl Codes:P4V. Tan Vinyl Codes:L4T, H4T, H5T, M4T, P4T. Tan Cloth & Vinyl Codes:L1T, M1T, H1T, H2T. Turquoise Vinyl Codes:H4Q, M4Q, H5Q. Turquoise Cloth & Vinyl Codes:M1Q, H1Q, H2Q.

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After 1964, the letter starts over at A for '65, B for '66, etc. Skipping I, so 1973 is J The numbers denote the engine's displacement, or the first two numbers of it. For example, on a 413, you may see "41" or "413". For a 383, you might see "38" or "383". Broadcast Sheet Decoder - MoparBrakes, Trim, Transmission, Axles, Engines code Description code Description Code Description B02 9x2.5" front drums 72 C34 front seat shield D36 HD 727-A 69-71 B05 10x2.5" front drums 72 C52 Bench seats D36 727-b Torqueflite 72 up B06 Skid Control ABS C55 Bucket seats D41 HD clutch Chrysler Imperial Vehicle Designations & Engine Codes67:Same as 1966 except body type 42 is deleted and engine codes are G=383, J=440 and K= special order. 68:Vehicle numbers are next to the windshield on the left side. The sequence is the same as 1966 except that body type 42 and premium price class are deleted,.

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Jan 05, 2008 · Aluminum Silver - Mopar P4529148. Most 1940s to early 1960 engines, including most of the early Hemis and 1950s Poly engines were painted this color. Silver was also used on all the flathead 6's except that the performance option in the 30's included a Facts About the Mopar 273 Small Block and Why You Should Mar 23, 2021 · the 1965-67 273 commando engine was small bore hi comp heart shaped comb chambers,chrysler later used the design for w2 heads,the 273 commando is a small 340 magnum engine,same stroke,the 273 has a lighter than usual crank weight,its why they scream to 8500 easily,adding just fenderwell headers netted me 80 horsepower on my blueprint build How to Decode your MoPar - Genocide2600B = Barracuda J = Challenger L = Dart R = Belvedere / Satellite V = Valiant / Duster W = Coronet / 1971-74 Charger X = 1966-70 Charger Second digit:series number

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Jun 02, 2017 · On the 1966 and 1967 B-Bodies you dont find VIN stamps on the engines or transmissions; only cast numbers and date codes. It is important to know the history of the car to ensure original equipment. Mopar Engine ColorsMopar Engine Colors These are the Dupont Color Codes Race Hemi Orange 5065DH Street Hemi Orange 5067DH 273 HP Red 5092DM Turquise 4799D 72 Smog Blue 5351D Color . Mopar PN . Years . Application. Comments; Black :P4120753:81-up 83-up : Mopar Fender Tag Decoding :Drivin' It HomeThis is followed by a 2-digit engine code, a 1-digit transmission code, and then a 3-digit tire code. Next is a 3-digit build date, followed by the order number. Moving up to the 3rd line from the bottom, numbers 1 through 8 appear here, which denote categories.

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Jul 13, 2011 · 1964-1966:273:LA :2466090 :318:LA :2468030 :413 :2468130:1959-1971:383:B :2468230 :318:A :2468330:1966-1971:426:RB:HEMI:2532130:1965:383:B :2532230:1964-1966:426:RB:Wedge:2532630 :318:A :2536030:1967-75:318:LA :2536130:1965:273:LA :2536430:1966-1972:440:RB :2566080 :318:LA :2568130:1959-1971:383:B :2586430 :Contact Us If You