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Fastener Type Chart This comprehensive reference guide will help you identify fastener categories, head styles and drive types, as well as common nut and washer types. EML2322L Fastener Reference Guide - University of FloridaEML2322L Fastener Reference Guide. Introduction . Fasteners are connective hardware that can easily be installed and removed with common hand tools. Bolts, screws, nuts, and rivets are typical examples of fasteners. The difference between a bolt, screw, and a stud is determined by its use. Bolts are headed fasteners with external threads


FASTENER REFERENCE GUIDE Fastener Head Styles FLAT Countersunk head with a at top. SOCKET CAP Cylindrical head, typically knurled. ROUND A domed head.. BUTTON Rounded head with socket HEX Hexagonal head. OVAL Countersunk head with a round HEX WASHER Hex head with built in washer. PAN Rounded head with short ver -TRUSS Extra wide round. Fastener Basics - Bolt DepotNote:Do not rely on this guide for color-matching. The appearance of these materials sometimes diers signi-cantly from the photos below. Fastener Grade (US) or Class (metric) refers to the mechanical proper-ties of the fastener material. Generally, a higher number indicates a stronger, more hardened (but also more brittle) fastener. Fastener Handout - University of WisconsinMadisonM10 x 1.5-6g means metric fastener thread series M, fastener nominal size (nominal major diameter) 10 mm, thread pitch 1.5 mm, external thread class fit 6g. If referring to internal thread tolerance, the "g" would be uppercase. Left Hand Threads:Unless otherwise specified, screw threads are assumed to be right-handed. This means

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FASTENERS 101 Fastener Reference Tables. Conversions, Hardness, Thread Pitch, Tensile Strength. The tables below are provided as a general guide to help you better understand metric and imperial measurements. Always refer to project specifications and consult an engineer to ensure that your application is appropriate. Fastener reference guide. - Free Online LibraryMar 15, 2004 · FASTENER REFERENCE GUIDE Brand Name and/or No. Type Gauge A-Ventures Inc., 4021 A Sentry Post Road, Charlotte, NC 28208 Tel:(704) 399-2290 Fax:(704) 399-0158 KD Fittings Cam-lock 25 mm Screws Particleboard/various As ref. KD Screws Particleboard/various As ref. Advanced Affiliates Inc., (Decorite Hardware), 96-12 43rd Ave., Corona, NY 11368 Tel:(718) 335-3566 Fax: Fastener reference guide. - Free Online LibraryMar 15, 2009 · FASTENERS, REFERENCE GUIDE Crown Brand Name Width and/or No. Type Gauge (inches) Blum Inc., 7733 Old Plank Road, Stanley, NC 28164 Tel:(704) 827-1345 Fax:1704) 827-0799 RTA Assembly Cam-lock 25mm, various Fittings type Chicago Dowel Co. Inc., 4700 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60639 Tel:(773) 622-2000 or (800) 333-6935 Fax:(773) 622-2047 Wood Dowel Pins


fastener reference guide has over one hundred thousand regular readers probing the three thousand technical fastenerdata pages for comprehensive coverage of the industry and its fastener products. Kanebridge Fastener Reference Guide, 2nd Edition The Kanebridge Fastener Reference Guide is recommended for anyone who buys, sells or uses industrial fasteners. It is the most current compilation of fastener standards and specifications available in a single book. This hard cover reference volume is appealing because it is thorough, yet easy for anyone to use.Fastener Reference Guide - ThomasnetMay 29, 2021 · Understand the different uses of fasteners depending on the application. Our free Fastener Reference Guide offers detailed information on the different parts of fasteners to aid you through the selection process. The guide includes: Types of bolt and screw heads Types of screw points Thread terminology Visual guides to bolts, nuts and washers.