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An assessment of microstructure, hardness, tensile and

An assessment of microstructure, hardness, tensile and impact strength of friction stir welded ferritic stainless steel joints A.K. Lakshminarayanan*, V. Balasubramanian Centre for Materials Joining & Research (CEMAJOR), Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar 608 002, Tamil Nadu, India Comparative Assessment of Composite Materials This comparative assessment resulted in information regarding the chemical content of the welded joints in percent, macro-microstructure estimation of specific areas of the welded edge joints, and determination of HV5 hardness of specific areas of the welded joints, both for butt welding and corner welding.

Control of mechanical properties in structural steel welds

properties of welded joints are remarkably inuenced by the complex thermal cycle due to welding, it is essential to clarify an appropriate controlling procedure of the thermal cycle in the welding of structural steels. Performance of a welded joint is affected by the coupling of heat cycles, microstructural changes, and macro-mechanics such as Friction Stir Spot Welding:A Review on Joint Macro- and Jun 25, 2014 · Friction stir spot welding (FSSW) is a very useful variant of the conventional friction stir welding (FSW), which shows great potential to be a replacement of single-point joining processes like resistance spot welding and riveting. There have been many reports and some industrial applications about FSSW. Based on the open literatures, the process features and variants, macro- and Macro/Microstructural Features of Friction Stir Welds - TWITechnology Briefing 693/1999. P L Threadgill and A J Leonard. Background. It is self evident that the static performance of friction stir welds will be dependent on the weld microstructure, which in turn will be dependent on the processing parameters used.

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Jan 01, 2018 · Angular distortions of the weld joints were measured using the set-up shown in Fig. 2.The weldments were then cut into different sections from the transverse direction to carry out the macrostructure, microstructure, hardness, tensile, and Charpy toughness test. Microstructures and microhardness for sheets and TIG Jan 01, 2018 · The macro/micro structural observation and microhardness evaluation of the TA15 alloy sheets and TA15 TIG welded joints were carried out using optical microscope and microhardness tests. The results show that FSSP effectively improves the microstructure and increases the microhardness of the TA15 sheets. Review Article Friction Stir Spot Welding:A Review on Friction Stir Spot Welding:A Review on Joint Macro-and Microstructure, Property, and Process Modelling X.W.Yang, 1 T.Fu, 1 andW.Y.Li 1,2 State Key Laboratory of Solidic ation Processing, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Friction Welding Technologies, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi an , China

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Assessment of Macro and Microstructure of Welded Joints Made of Steel P265GH Using Various Combinations of Welding Consumables. Marcelina Kasiska, Tomasz Piwowarczyk, Wiesaw Derlukiewicz, Piotr Fijoek. Keywords:welded joints, steel P265GH, welding consumables. doi:10.17729/ebis.2018.4/3. Bulletin of the Institute of Welding.Assessment of Macro and Microstructure of Welded Joints The article presents the assessment of the macro and microstructure of welded joints made in steel P265GH using various combinations of filler metal wires and shielding gases. In addition to microstructural analysis, tests involved hardness measurements of all of the joint zones, i.e. the weld, HAZ and the base material.